Safety Steps To Take When Demolishing Interior Space

3 October 2016
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If you are interested in removing walls or ceilings in your home to turn smaller spaces into one large one, there are several safety precautions to take in advance of the project so those in the area are at less risk of injury during the process. Taking precautions before an interior demolition service begins  will aid in the clean-up efforts as well as reduce health risks involved when going into the space where removal processes were conducted. Here are some tips you can use before the contracting service arrives to protect those in the household from injury or medical problems as a result of the demolition.

Consider Staying In An Alternate Location

On the day the contracting service arrives to start the process in removing structural components from your home, it may be a good idea to have an alternate location readily available to stay during the working hours. This will protect those living in the home from unnecessary risks associated with the aftermath of the destruction. Pets can be placed in a boarding facility temporarily and people can stay in a hotel or friend's home until the service calls to give safe clearance to the area. If you must stay on the property, be sure it is in a location at the furthest point from the work being done to minimize the exposure to building material waste and sound pollution.

Install Temporary Alert Methods

Alert those in your neighborhood that a demolition process will be ongoing at your home so they do not come onto your property at this time. Let your mail service know to hold your mail until you are able to pick it up. Place temporary yellow tape over your doors, set up temporary fencing in front of your sidewalk entry, and use signs to alert others that demolition is in process. This will keep outsiders well out of the path of any potential hazard as a result.

Provide Hearing Gear To Use During The Process

Since the contracting service will be using electric tools to perform their actions, there is a risk of loud sounds during these procedures. Give each family member a set of ear plugs or noise-muffling headgear to protect their ears from loud decibel levels if necessary.

Seal Rooms To Reduce Dust Exposure

To minimize the amount of dust that settles in other rooms in the home, place plastic sheeting over doorways so debris cannot make its way inside. Rooms not be utilized during the demolition can be protected by hanging these sheets over the exteriors of the doorways. Rooms that will be used will require each member in the family to hang sheeting over doors from the interior side when they are nestled inside.