Give Your Fireplace A Modern Look By Having Concrete Applied To It

5 October 2016
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When you purchase a home, there are some areas that you may want to change. Purchasing a home is often a huge financial decision that can leave you with a limited budget for any restoration projects that you would like to do. One great project that you may want to consider that will allow you to customize a home without spending a fortune on it is to update the fireplace of the home. The guide below walks you through the steps that a concrete company will take to give your fireplace a more modern look quickly and easily.

Sand the Bricks

The first thing the company will do is they will send a contractor to your home to sand down the bricks. Some people choose to paint their fireplaces or apply a varnish to them to make them shine. The bricks will need to be roughed up so that the concrete can stick to them nicely when it is applied.

Clean the Bricks

Once the bricks have been sanded, the contractor will need to use a vacuum that can remove any dust or debris from the bricks. If the dust and debris are not removed, it can mix into the cement and ruin the smooth look that the contractor is trying to create. Some contractors choose to scrub the brick with soap and water as well to ensure that everything is removed from the surface.

Apply the Concrete

The concrete contractor will then need to apply concrete directly to the fireplace. Ample amounts of concrete will need to be applied to fill in the grooves between the bricks. The concrete dries quickly so the contractor needs to be able to work undistracted for an extended period of time to ensure that the concrete is applied properly. It is best to make sure pets and children are occupied before the contractor starts applying the concrete to ensure that he or she is not disturbed.

Smooth the Concrete

Finally, the contractor will smooth the concrete so that there are no bumps. When complete, no one will be able to tell that there are bricks under the concrete because the entire surface will be very smooth.

Once the concrete has hardened, it will have a smooth, contemporary look to it. The concrete can be painted if you do not like its beige color when the concrete company finishes the project. The beige color does often allow the fireplace to stand out in a room and matches well with many color schemes though.

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