4 Solid Reasons Why Concrete Foundations Are Superior

26 February 2017
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Whether you're a contractor, builder or someone is planning a big do-it-yourself project, you probably already know that there are few things more important than a solid foundation. Although many materials have come and gone over the years when it comes to constructing a foundation for buildings -- both residential and commercial -- one material has proven to be the most popular by far: concrete. There are several benefits to why concrete has come out on a top; if you're interested in discovering just a few of them, keep reading below.

Water Resistance

Water resistance is a huge advantage when it comes to foundations, and there may not be a more reliable material in this category than concrete. Not only is concrete extremely dense, but it also doesn't have any joints, which means you can rest assured that your foundation will last for decades to come. If you have a basement, you can also be confident that it will remain dry even during the worst storm.

Maintenance Free

Another huge benefit of concrete is the maintenance required over the life of a building -- or, to put it more accurately, the complete lack thereof. There may not be another material as strong and durable as concrete that also requires as little maintenance. It's hard to put a price on the ability to pour a foundation and then (assuming there are no catastrophic events or natural disasters) be able to complete forget about regular maintenance.


One of the most attractive features of concrete for builders is its flexibility. The speed and efficiency with which concrete can be poured and cured in almost any shape desired is remarkable. It doesn't matter if you're building a foundation for the most boring rectangular compound or for a postmodern architectural masterpiece that is filled with curves and abstract design elements -- concrete can get the job done like no other material on the market, and do so in a way that will keep you on schedule.


Water resistance is a big deal, but what about other elements? The good news here is that concrete performs just as well. Insects, mildew and fire are all effectively non-issues when it comes to concrete foundations. If anything, concrete foundations are so durable that we forget just how many of the nastier natural elements they protect against. Especially if you're in a rural area, a concrete foundation is virtually a requirement. 

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