Steps For Measuring Out A Gravel Driveway

28 February 2017
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Getting the measurements right for your gravel driveway is something that will make the entire process simpler. You wouldn't want to learn after pouring the first layer of gravel that the driveway isn't deep enough. Nor would you want to accidentally pour or dig out of the bounds of your driveway. Here are some steps for accurately measuring out your driveway.

Learn About the Materials Needed

When someone talks about driveway gravel, realize that this driveway is actually made up of several different layers. There are larger base rocks, and then successively smaller rocks poured on top of these. Each layer takes up a certain amount of space, so you may want to consult a gravel and concrete contractor to learn about how much material you should order and how far down you need to dig.

Deciding on the Width and Shape

Before you mark off your area, also decide on how much space you want to allocate to the driveway. It could be simply as wide as your garage door, or wider if you plan to park multiple vehicles outside of the garage. You might also experiment with shapes, making the edges of the driveway rounded rather than straight.

Put Out Guide Posts

The next step is to put out guides every few feet that mark off the area of your driveway gravel edges. Stakes with a smooth top edge are appropriate; you don't want to have sharp edges sticking out while your workers are doing their job.

Section Off the Area

Next, you want to lay string or rope along the surface lines of your driveway. You can loop the cord once around the stakes to mark off areas. These lines should go along the ground, although you may have a second string a few feet higher to act as a visible barrier to where your driveway pit is.

Testing the Surface Depth

The steps above help you take care of the surface measurements. Getting the right depth for your driveway gravel is a bit trickier. It doesn't have to be an exact science, as long as the area is roughly level. But testing the depth at several points, and also near the middle and edges of the driveway, is a good idea to ensure your gravel materials fit. And, of course, if you have a professional contractor on your team, they will have a bobcat excavator and other equipment that helps to provide a more exact measurement and excavation of your site.