How To Fill Concrete Cracks

14 November 2017
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Cracks in your concrete walls are inevitable. They might seem small and harmless at first, but they can grow, becoming unsightly and dangerous if left alone for too long. This article explains the best tools and techniques for easily filling small concrete cracks.

Fix the Problem Soon

When it comes to cracks in your walls, it is easy to put them aside and forget about them. Homeowners often put off crack repair because they are intimidated by the project. What ultimately happens is that the crack becomes bigger, rougher, and more problematic. At this point, the project might actually be too difficult for a DIY repair. However, most small cracks in a wall can be easily repaired with simple products found at a home improvement store. If you have cracks in retaining or weight bearing walls, the issue is more urgent. If you don't fix the crack as soon as possible, it could grow and compromise the structure itself. You want to fix it ASAP, while it is still just a cosmetic problem.

Using the Best Products

It is very important that you have the right materials for the job. The most important thing you need is concrete crack filler. Concrete crack filler is easy to use and found at any home improvement store. This is different than ready-mix cement. Even if you have the same exact cement product that was originally used, you don't want to use it again to fill small cracks. To effectively fill small cracks and holes, you need to use crack filler because it has glue mixed into it. This creates a strong hold that can fill in the crack and stay put for years.

Filling the Cracks

The actual process of applying concrete crack filler is also very simple. The crack filler is premixed and usually comes in caulk tubes or small tubs. The only other thing you really need is a putty knife. Basically, you need to thoroughly clean the crack, making sure to remove any loose concrete, dirt, or weeds growing out of it. Now, you can start to apply the filler. The key to using concrete crack filler is to only fill in the cracks area. That is, fill it level to the top of the concrete, and try to flatten it with the putty knife so it is level and seamless.

Cracks in your walls are easy to fix, so get started right away. If you feel you can't do this by yourself, or if the cracks become worse, contact a professional concrete contractor company, such as Burns Brothers Concrete Construction Corporation.