Why A Concrete Slab Is A Good Choice For Your New Shed

15 February 2018
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If you want a shed for your backyard, then buying one already built is a good way to go. Unless you just want the experience of building a shed, you can buy one already made and save a lot of work. Before you have the shed delivered, you'll have to prepare a base for it. You have a few options, but a concrete slab could be your best choice. Here's why.

Concrete Is Level And Sturdy

When a concrete contractor puts in a slab, the soil underneath is prepared carefully first so the slab will be level. The area is excavated as needed and a layer of gravel will probably be put on top of the soil and compacted to add some stability. This creates a strong base for your shed that is perfectly level. This is important if you plan to stack bins on the floor or put in shelves.

Concrete Keeps Out Water

Having a concrete slab also makes it easier to seal the shed from the elements. If you just place the shed on bare ground or gravel, water can seep under the shed every time it rains. This will create problems with mold in the warm summer months. Dampness may also attract pests that will invade and damage the shed or your belongings inside it. In addition to keeping out water, concrete also helps keep out dirt so your belongings are kept clean. Concrete also ensures no weeds will pop up inside your shed. It forms a seal against the ground so the inside of your shed is protected from the outside.

Concrete Lasts A Long Time

A concrete slab is a permanent solution for your shed. It will probably last longer than the shed. A concrete slab can even be used as the flooring for your shed if one is not included in your kit or premade building. Concrete can be painted, stamped, sealed, or polished to make it attractive, but it is also suitable for a shed floor when left in its natural state.

Concrete Can Be Installed By A Contractor

If your goal is to get your shed up with as little effort on your part as possible, then a concrete slab is a good idea because you can hire a contractor to install it for you. Then you can have the shed delivered and placed on the slab when the slab is ready. You may have to tie down the shed yourself, but that is far less work than building a shed from scratch and building a pad for it to rest on.

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