Pouring A New Concrete Surface? The Benefits Of Using Ready-Mix Concrete

9 June 2018
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Concrete can be used to create a variety of surfaces around your home. It is used to construct driveways, patios or pool surrounds. If you are creating any of these surfaces, you have a decision to make when it comes to your concrete. You can use ready mix concrete or concrete that you have to mix yourself. Ready-mix concrete is mixed in a large mixer truck and delivered to you wet. There are many benefits to using ready-mix concrete, compared to buying powered concrete and mixing it yourself. Here are a few of those benefits. 

The Concrete is Ready to Be Poured and Smoothed

One of the biggest advantages to using ready-mix concrete is that the concrete comes to you already mixed, ready to be poured and smoothed. If you are constructing a concrete surface, you may have friends or family helping you, or you may have hired people to assist you. When people are helping you, you want to make the most of the time you have with them. When you select ready-mix concrete, you get to skip the mixing concrete stage and move right onto the pouring and smoothing stages, which are the stages you need help with. This helps you to maximize the time with your help while getting the concrete surface laid faster. 

There is No Mixing Water and Powders

The second benefit to using ready-mix concrete is that you don't have to mix water and concrete powder. Mixing water and concrete powder is messy and challenging. The powder can be dusty and dirty. And you have to use the right amount of water or your concrete will be too hard to smooth out or too wet to properly cure. You don't have to worry about this with ready-mix concrete, as the concrete is pre-mixed. 

The Mixture is Perfect for the Conditions

The third benefit to using ready-mix concrete is that the mixture is perfect for the conditions on the day it is being used. Concrete mixtures need to be changed based on the weather elements where you are. If it is hot and dry out, the concrete may need a bit more water to ensure it doesn't begin to harden before it can be smoothed and evened. If it is cold and wet, the concrete mixture may need less water. A company that offers ready mix concrete formulates the concrete so that it is perfect for the day you are using it, something that is extremely challenging to do on your own if you mix concrete yourself. 

Ready-mix concrete is ready to be poured as soon as it is delivered, does not require you to mix waters and powders and ensures the concrete mixture is perfect for the elements on the day the concrete is being poured. If you are laying a new concrete surface, ready-mix concrete may be perfect for your project. For more information, contact a company like Southport Concrete Corp.