Some Maintenance Tips That Keep Your Concrete Flooring Shiny And Clean

10 November 2018
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Concrete is a good choice in home flooring because it's durable and easy to clean. It's also attractive and, when polished, it has a glossy sheen that makes your home seem bright and clean. However, like all types of flooring, concrete flooring needs regular care to always look its best. Here are some maintenance steps for residential concrete flooring.

DIY Care For Concrete Floors

Indoor concrete flooring usually has a coating of wax on it or a sealer that protects the concrete. This top layer is worn down gradually by foot traffic that grinds sand and grit into the floor. One important step in concrete floor maintenance is to keep the floor swept and mopped so dirt and grit are removed from the floor often. You may also want to use mats near the entry door that trap dirt from shoes so less gets tracked throughout the house and on the floor. Also, clean up spills when they happen so they don't cause stains. Avoid using acidic cleaners, both commercial and natural varieties. Instead, choose a cleaner that is pH neutral and made for concrete flooring. Be sure to rinse cleaners off the floor so they don't dry and leave a film behind that dulls the shine.

Professional Concrete Maintenance

Just like you have periodic deep cleaning of your carpets, you should hire a professional concrete floor cleaner to deep clean the concrete. This involves using equipment that removes deep dirt and stains. Then, the surface is sealed again to add protection to the concrete. You may need a new sealer added every few years depending on how much foot traffic your home gets. The concrete flooring service might also apply a layer of wax on top of the sealer. The wax protects the sealer because the wax has to wear away first. The wax also gives the flooring a deep luster that brings out the beauty and shine.

Also, if you have polished concrete flooring, the floors will need to be polished when they start to look dull. This can be done with a buffing machine that removes fine scratches and restores the shine to your floor. The good thing about concrete flooring is that the surface can be renewed if it's damaged, stained, or dull so the luster and beauty of the flooring will last for many years.

Concrete flooring has many benefits since it's easy to clean and doesn't hold on to pet hairs and allergens. It's a good choice in home flooring when you don't want to spend a lot of time and effort in keeping your floors clean and shiny. For more information, contact a company like R. Pepin & Sons Inc. today.