Debunking 3 Myths About Residential Foundation Repair

28 April 2020
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Whether you have a basement, slab, or anything in between, your home's foundation literally sets the framework for the rest of your home. While foundation problems are relatively uncommon, they can occur when the circumstances are just right (or wrong). Soil moisture levels that are too high or too low can lead to cracks in a home's foundation, as can poor construction.  Still, foundation repair doesn't have to be as scary as you might think. Read More 

4 Signs You Should Opt For Concrete Lifting Vs. Replacement Of Your Concrete

18 December 2019
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If you are dealing with issues with concrete on your property, such as if your driveway or the concrete slab that your home sits on is sinking, then you could be thinking about removing and replacing that concrete. Instead, though, you may want to look into concrete lifting. A few signs that you should opt for concrete lifting instead of replacement are listed here. Of course, if you are still wondering if concrete lifting might be right for your project, you should talk to a concrete lifting professional to find out more. Read More 

Why You Want A Professional To Cut Through Your Concrete Slab

31 May 2019
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If you have a big section of concrete that needs to be removed, you might want to consider hiring a professional that offers slab sawing services like A & B Concrete Coring Company. Even though you might like to do a lot of home improvement stuff around your property, the cutting of concrete may be something that is better left to the professionals. To help you have a better understanding as to why you will want to keep reading. Read More 

A Look At The Process Of Removing Your Old Concrete Driveway

20 February 2019
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If you want to get rid of your concrete driveway and put in something different, then you may be wondering about the best way to remove the old concrete. While you might be able to do it yourself using the right tools, the job may be beyond the scope of a DIY project since you'll be dealing with rebar and lifting heavy chunks of concrete. Plus, you'll have the problem of how to dispose of all the waste. Read More 

Some Maintenance Tips That Keep Your Concrete Flooring Shiny And Clean

10 November 2018
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Concrete is a good choice in home flooring because it's durable and easy to clean. It's also attractive and, when polished, it has a glossy sheen that makes your home seem bright and clean. However, like all types of flooring, concrete flooring needs regular care to always look its best. Here are some maintenance steps for residential concrete flooring. DIY Care For Concrete Floors Indoor concrete flooring usually has a coating of wax on it or a sealer that protects the concrete. Read More