A Look At The Process Of Removing Your Old Concrete Driveway

20 February 2019
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If you want to get rid of your concrete driveway and put in something different, then you may be wondering about the best way to remove the old concrete. While you might be able to do it yourself using the right tools, the job may be beyond the scope of a DIY project since you'll be dealing with rebar and lifting heavy chunks of concrete. Plus, you'll have the problem of how to dispose of all the waste. Read More 

Some Maintenance Tips That Keep Your Concrete Flooring Shiny And Clean

10 November 2018
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Concrete is a good choice in home flooring because it's durable and easy to clean. It's also attractive and, when polished, it has a glossy sheen that makes your home seem bright and clean. However, like all types of flooring, concrete flooring needs regular care to always look its best. Here are some maintenance steps for residential concrete flooring. DIY Care For Concrete Floors Indoor concrete flooring usually has a coating of wax on it or a sealer that protects the concrete. Read More 

Pouring A New Concrete Surface? The Benefits Of Using Ready-Mix Concrete

9 June 2018
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Concrete can be used to create a variety of surfaces around your home. It is used to construct driveways, patios or pool surrounds. If you are creating any of these surfaces, you have a decision to make when it comes to your concrete. You can use ready mix concrete or concrete that you have to mix yourself. Ready-mix concrete is mixed in a large mixer truck and delivered to you wet. Read More 

Why A Concrete Slab Is A Good Choice For Your New Shed

15 February 2018
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If you want a shed for your backyard, then buying one already built is a good way to go. Unless you just want the experience of building a shed, you can buy one already made and save a lot of work. Before you have the shed delivered, you'll have to prepare a base for it. You have a few options, but a concrete slab could be your best choice. Here's why. Read More 

How To Fill Concrete Cracks

14 November 2017
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Cracks in your concrete walls are inevitable. They might seem small and harmless at first, but they can grow, becoming unsightly and dangerous if left alone for too long. This article explains the best tools and techniques for easily filling small concrete cracks. Fix the Problem Soon When it comes to cracks in your walls, it is easy to put them aside and forget about them. Homeowners often put off crack repair because they are intimidated by the project. Read More